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In the event that a subsurface investigation needs to be conducted regarding the presence of hazardous materials on a property, PIERS is capable of responding immediately, and cost-effectively to assess the actual status of any and all potential hazardous materials contamination by conducting a Phase II Subsurface Site Investigation. These investigations typically consist of; comprehensive geologic research, health and safety planning, the recovery of soil, air, vapor and/or groundwater samples, the analytical testing of samples by a state certified lab for target constituents and the analysis of the findings and their implications. These projects assist in resolving any environmental issues on a property, often within the escrow time frame.

PIERS registered professional engineers and/or certified engineering geologists supervise all our Phase II projects. Well versed in completing agency requested: work plans, corrective active plans, human health risk assessments, and Phase III remedial design work plans, our project managers always adhere to environmental laws and regulations while keeping costs to a minimum. With state-of-the-art technology, the proven project managers at PIERS take the lead to protect our client’s interests, and get critical issues resolved within strict timeframes. Solid, longstanding relationships with trusted drilling, lab and construction companies allows PIERS to seamlessly manage complex Phase II projects while meeting project deadlines and satisfying our client’s needs.