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IHMS Map PIERS IHMS Radius Reports are generated from state of the art software that incorporates environmental site data from over 800 databases acquired from numerous federal, state and local governing environmental entities that oversee hazardous material storage and release sites.

The types of sites that are detailed in the reports range from those sites that legally store and dispose of hazardous materials to those with serious contamination and environmental liability issues.

All of the databases that are required to be searched by the current ASTM Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are included in our IHMS Radius Reports search criteria. Additionally, data records are updated quarterly.

Our unique software “geocodes” the locations of the sites listed within the acquired governmental databases and digitally plots them on our high quality GIS maps. The PIERS IHMS Report provides very clear quarter mile and one mile radius maps as well as a custom report that describes not only the types of sites but also the specific relevant details with regards to history and current regulatory agency status. Clients typically request that PIERS generate an IHMS Radius Report when they need to ensure that the subject property, or any immediately adjacent properties, are not listed in any such database. As releases from one site can contaminate surrounding properties. PIERS clients will often order a Radius Report and an additional professional review and analysis of the IHMS Radius Report to understand possible implications from offsite contamination cases for a subject property.

Identified Hazardous Materials Sites Radius Report


The Environmental Transaction Analysis (ETA), a PIERS original report template, is used to screen smaller loans for lenders who understand that it is not a "legally defensible level of due diligence." However, these lenders are also reluctant to ask a client to pay several thousand dollars for environmental due diligence on smaller loans, and are willing to attain an acceptable level of comfort from an ETA.

PIERS ETA Components:

  • A thorough site inspection performed by a registered PIERS Senior Project Manager.

  • Documented disclosure interviews with the owners/operators of the property.

  • Comprehensive search of environmental databases (IHMS Radius Report).

  • A brief report and summary on the findings.