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The ASTM has an established standard for a Transaction Screen ( E-1528 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process), which is considered by many to be a substitute for a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

PIERS ETS Components:

  • A thorough site and surrounding sites inspection performed by a registered PIERS Senior Project Manager.

  • The generation and review of a PIERS IHMS Radius Report for the subject site.

  • A limited review of the chemical history of the site gathered from: interviews with owners and operators, and research of Historical: Sanborn Maps, and City Directories.

  • A final report that includes the following categories:

    • General Information
    • Site Description, Use and History
    • Adjoining Properties
    • Site Inspection
    • Summary of Historic Research
    • IHMS Radius Report and review/analysis and
    • Conclusions and Recommendations


    When a Phase I Environmental Assessment has become outdated, PIERS offers the Phase I Update in order to avoid the costs and redundancy of preparing an entirely new Phase I Report.

    PIERS UPDATE Components:

    • Professional, written review of the previously completed Phase I Report

    • New IHMS Radius Report

    • A thorough site inspection performed by a registered PIERS Senior Project Manager

    • Completion of owner-operator interviews

    • Brief report stating current property conditions and any recognized environmental conditions
    Updates are utilized for Phase I reports that are no longer considered valid per AAI and ASTM Standards, that is, those reports completed more than 6 months prior. Phase I Reports older than one year require a new Phase ESA. PIERS will update other firmís reports as long as the reports met AAI requirements and ASTM standards at the time they were completed.